Waterjet Cut


A unique technology for a wide use range



Thanks to machine M.A.G. Ltd. has achieved its strong point by offering cutting solutions for many types of materials.
The applications of this technology are really vast in many areas such as aerospace, automotive, marine, rail, energy, aviation and industrial.
The waterjet cutting machine can cut different types of materials including plastics, ceramics and metals of each type, as well as rubber and sponges. Its great application in ceramic industry has found relief in the metal industry which uses the technology of waterjet cutting to create semi-finished products and/or finished products on ferrous materials while not finding full advantage of aluminum, steel, iron, copper and its alloys of medium / high thickness and also cutting applications of particularly hard materials alloyed by molybdenum and/or tungsten.



Using water cutting (also called waterjet cutting) it is possible to cut all the types of material;


  • Plastics materials (Some Examples)
    • Polipropilene
    • Nylon
    • Delrin
    • Bachelite
  • Rubber, Examples of applications: seals and tapes
  • Steel and alloys (Some Examples)
    • Inox
    • Fe 360
    • C40
  • Titanium and its alloys
  • Carbon and its alloys
  • Composite materials (Some Examples)
    • Rubber + Steel
    • Sandwich panels (Ex .: Aluminum + Rockwool + Aluminium)
    • Teflon + PVC (for conveyor belts)
  • Granitic and ceramic materials
  • Nonmetallic materials (Some Examples)
    • Copper and its alloys
    • Aluminum and its alloys
  • Particularly hard materials (Some Examples)
    • Hardox
    • Tempered steel
    • Very hard alloys

Another unquestionable advantage of waterjet cutting is that being a cold cutting it does not cause structural alterations of hardening in the cutting zone with all the advantages that this entails.

5 axis

With 2 axes in multiple where is possible to move the machining head one can obtain almost all geometric shapes directly in the step of cutting the material. In this way, considering different required surface roughness clients can obtain finished products directly in the cutting step without necessity to use additional machines to create requested surfaces.
Obviously that means lower costs and briefer time of the material delivery.

Speed and Finishing cutting

The surface speed is a result of various parameters beginning from material that have to be cut and its thickness, an amount and quality of the sand, water pressure etc. These parameters determine the maximum speed that can be reached during to the division of material. The quality of the cut intended as surface finishing and tolerance improve by decreasing the speed .
It is important to clarify that from the maximum speed of the division of material to zero there is an infinite speed. For this reason M.A.G. ltd offers 5 speed references which are indicative and not binding for the execution of the pieces.
Every detail or item usually presents more profiles and / or more segments cutting. For a better understanding we remind that a hole is a profile while a square is a profile consisting of 4 segments. It is important to clarify that waterjet cutting technology allows using different cutting speed depending on type of profiles and segments. This specificity permits to obtain different finishing cutting during to requested mechanical specifications and to optimize costs.
The finishing which is also determined by the cutting speed does not find correspondence in UNI (which is based on the shaping removal technology). Using high speed of execution the pieces surface presents in an evident way the classic stripes of cutting water which tend to disappear with decreasing speed until getting a satin surface.
Decivity and Tolerance
As we have already mentioned the waterjet cutting (mixture between water and sand) is not a tool but nevertheless it has its characteristics. The new 5-axis waterjet cutting system corrects decivity of hydro-jet cutting by tilting its head. This system allows us to obtain tolerances below one tenth of a millimeter.
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